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MTV Video Music Awards Wrap-Up

wow. its been a hot second since i've written a blog post and, i have to admit, i missed it it awful lot. i think i got a bit deterred by how difficult the blogging world is and how much time is put into networking. regardless, lets give it another go, shall we?  

i love recapping such memorable events as the MTV Video Music Awards. as a child, the awards always played the night before my first day of school. it was the final wrap-up to the summer. this year, the awards played a week earlier, on the 26th of August. i was driving back from a fabulous weekend spent with my best friend, and was unable to watch the show live. i really didn't care all that much, but i adore reading the tweets of some of the funniest people on Twitter during the live show. oh well, guess i can pretend i watched it live and rewind on my tweets at the same time.

here. i'll bullet point some of my memorable moments of the evening: 


* Austin Mahone performed (what is this, another Justin Beiber? hmm where was Justin anyway?) also, take off the damn winter beanie, come on mann! fun facts: Austin wanted to win a Moon Man so he could "put it in his bathroom" and calls his fans "Mahomies." uh huh.

* 20 year-old Ariana Grande, former Nickelodeon star, belted out high notes in a ice skating-esque costume (awkward), but i loved the makeup.

* sweeeeet ombre hair, Jared Leto. but he actually seems to be aging quite well. wonder what his secret is?

* Harry Styles, WHY must you be chewing gum the entire night? according to many online sources, Harry is well known for his constant gum chewing everywhere he goes. 

* YouTube singing/rapping sensation Becky G. wore a beanie labeled, "Ain't No Wifey." lets hope you aren't darling, you are only 16. what's happening to this world?

* i was surprised to see MTV amping up camera time for two actors during the evening. Theo James and Shailene Woodley are starring in the movie, Divergent, which comes out March 2014. they both didn't leave a true impression on me, and, dare i say it, seemed almost as entertaining as watching paint dry. note the dramatic haircut Shailene has, due to her role as Hazel in John Green's adaptation of "The Fault in Our Stars." (this excites me a bit, as i adored this book). regardless, they are cute and would probably make an adorable couple (hint hint).

The Show:

* Gaga. i have gotten past the point in my thought process to mention how weird or strange Gaga's performances are, because i've come to truly appreciate her for her voice and who she is as a person. maybe she dresses funny or wears thongs on stage, but she CAN. she has a strong fan base, has produced amazing music, and has appreciated every single moment of it. sing on, you strange lovely creature.

* Harry Styles peeled and ate an orange during the show. 

* Selena Gomez does nothing for me, and i find her to be very unintelligent. but hey, are you ready, come it get it ahhhh ahhh?

* (insert comment about Miley Cyrus' twerking here)

* Iggy Azalea, i have to say, is unknown to me. although she claims to be Australian, why does her accent sound so... awful?

* Lil Kim's "return" was pointless... i saw her coochie and she looked like LaToya Jackson, after plastic surgery.

* not sure if you guys knew it, but the show was in Brooklyn this year. just throwing it out there, not sure if you heard it a million times.

* no, don't clap for Kanye West. don't do it.

* Will Smith's kids are either uninterested in the show, or just "too good" for everyone else, i'd assume.

sweet shades, kiddo

* Macklemore performed his powerful song "Same Love" accompanied by Mary Lewis. Macklemore (i.e. Ben Haggerty) gained popularity through a strong online presence, and, although he has made himself a household name, it wasn't always that way. in 2008, he was prescribed Codeine cough syrup, that eventually led to his abuse of the drug for 2 years.

* Daft Punk. what the... what?

* no way, Taylor Swift won Best Female Video? shocked. i feel like she probably shouldn't have made a jab at Harry Styles' though. meh.

One Direction's reaction to Taylor's jab at Harry

* Ed Sheeran is who?

* Justin Timberlake is a god damn genius. he received the Video Vanguard Award (am i that old that i remember them handing that award to Madonna and Michael Jackson?) and went on to perform a solid 15 minutes. what a stud.

* having looooved N'Sync as a teen, i was quite interested in seeing their performance, but it was short lived. oh well, in all honesty, it was Justin's celebratory performance.

* so Drake performed, and all i could remember is this dude in the audience "shootin' it up and down"...

* i am a fan of Bruno Mars (when he isn't in jail), but dang, look how short he is! he does put on a good performance though.

* Will Smith threw out a confused look during the evening, which, i imagine, is his wonderment in why he brought his kids with him.

* what a lovely surprise to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt present the final award of them all, the Video of the Year. we kinda all knew it would go to Justin Timberlake, right? he came to the awards with his parents in tow, and dedicated the video to his late grandfather and grandmother. aw. why is he so perfect? the only thing he could change is that darn shirt!

* Katy Perry ended the show performing near the Brooklyn Bridge. she IS a pretty girl, but i feel like she is ruining that. her grill, her theatrical leopard dress, and her strange performances just make me feel so indifferent to her.

you probably are wondering why i failed to mention a certain performance that seems to be ingrained in everyone's minds? i hate to mention it at all, and i honestly didn't even want to give her the pleasure of my time, but, Miley Cyrus is a true disgrace. i won't say that she's "disgusting," "gross," "ugly," "inappropriate," "sexual," etc. all i can say is that she should be ashamed of herself. that's all. now we can gracefully move on and forget she even performed. because that's exactly what she wants us all to talk about. ahem* amanda bynes *ahem.

but most importantly.... is anyone else wondering how MTV still has these VMA's, yet doesn't even play music anymore?

what part of the show did you find the most memorable? i'd have to say Justin Timberlake's 15 minute performance was pretty impressive. he didn't grind on teddy bears, wear a thong, make a jab at anyone in his speech, or cause any sort of drama whatsoever. because of that, he's my favorite part of this year's VMAs. see you next year!

* disclaimer: all pictures are taken by me, screen capped, other than the pre-show pictures, which can be credited to Just Jared.

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