Friday, January 11, 2013

book i'm currently reading...

hey guys!

having loved reading and writing since a child, i am often found spending time enjoying a good book. in fact, skipping lunch at work in order to catch up on my reading is pretty common. call me a bookworm or what have you, but i enjoy getting wrapped into a character and a good story line, & just completely blocking out the world.

i'm currently 50 pages deep in "Looking for Alaska" by John Green. i'd heard many good things about John Green, so i decided to pick up his first novel. it follows the life of an awkward, skinny boy, ironically named "Pudge," who has a knack for memorizing famous last words. he goes on a search to find "The Great Perhaps" (a la Francois Rabelais) and, in turn, gets pulled into a crazy, wild (yet fascinating), world with a beautiful girl named Alaska. (didn't think Alaska referred to the name of a girl, did you?)

this book is all i expected in a teen fiction: there is cigarette smoking, pranks, girls, awkward kids, and sex. but it pulls away from a typical teen book, because he was able to hit me where it hurt. in fear of giving away too much information, i'll leave the rest up to you guys to read for yourself!

Good Reads has rated this book a 4.27 out of 5, which means that 85% of people that voted, liked it and would recommend it to others.

i'll probably finish it up this weekend, and will let you know what my final thoughts are in a future blog post ;)

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