Sunday, January 13, 2013

l'oreal color caresse shine stain & maybelline color whisper review/swatches

hello dahlings!

today i'll introduce you to the "beauty" side of my blog, and start with a few drugstore lipsticks that i picked up among my errands. i have a tendency to buy items based off the labels and the false hope they claim. i am, in a nutshell, a marketer's dream! 

(left) L'Oreal's Color Caresse Shine Stain (right) Maybelline's Color Whisper

the first item i was drawn to, with its gorgeous packaging and pale pink color, was Maybelline's new Color Whisper line of lip colors. according to the Maybelline website, Color Whisper's lip colors provide, "sexy, soft, see through color with no heavy waxes or oils...pure color pigments suspended in a weightless gel."

i nabbed "Pink Possibilities," which is the second to palest pink color on the display. why, i'm not too sure, because i've never really been one to look the greatest in a pale pink lip color. nevertheless, it appealed to me. i immediately compared this gel-like colored balm to Revlon's lip butters. i am a HUGE fan of Revlon's lip butters, and own quite possibly 6 different colors, but it did end up being quite different. the formula is not so pigmented, not so balm-y. the flash on my camera makes it appear slightly more neon pink than it appears, but the color is beautiful! i actually really enjoyed the way it looked on my lips, as long as i avoid using a heavy hand, and, although it doesn't last very long, it still feels great!

Color Whisper's "Pink Possibilities" on lips

Overall Thoughts

-the consistency and the light feel on my lips
-just the right amount of color for an everyday look
-can obtain a light layer of color or a more pigmented one with a few more slicks
-large color selection
-has a light, appealing smell

-the wear on these weren't very long and i did find myself reapplying often
-rather pricey, at an average $9.99 a pop!
-tends to fall into lip creases

Recommend? Yes!

my last purchase was also a new lip product for 2013! i picked up L'Oreal's new Caresse Shine Stain in the color "Rose On and On." these particular line of lip colors are stains, so they will leave a wash of color on your lips for hours on end. believe me, when i slicked this color on my hand to check out the color, and i could NOT for the life of me get the stain off!

L'Oreal's "Rose On and On" swatched on hand

these lip colors are very similar to the YSL Glossy Stains, but for a fraction of the price. YSL retails for $32.00, while L'Oreal is $7.49 a pop :) the applicator is actually pretty great, as it maneuvers over the lines of the lip perfectly. the formula is soft, smooth, and glides seamlessly. i kind of wish i had picked up a different color, because when i put this on, i wasn't the biggest fan of it on me. i was hoping it would be a "my lips but better" shade, but it ended up more rose-y and shimmery. just too much for me!

unfortunately, i seem to not be a huge fan of the stain part of this lip line. i also find the formula to be incredibly drying. and since it is a lip stain, you can not even slap on some lip balm beforehand, because all it would do was make the stain slip and slide around the lips. it would have nothing to adhere to. oh, well. 

it's a great idea, and a wonderful applicator, but because of the many faults i found with it, i cannot give this a full recommendation. wahh.

L'Oreal's "Rose On and On" on lips

Overall Thoughts

-compared with other popular drugstore lip colors, $7.49 wasn't bad
-the applicator was awesome!
-this particular stain formula may appeal to many

-drying formula
-cannot apply lip balm beforehand because of the stain formula
-shimmery color is a turn-off for me
-color appeared darker than in container
-"chemical" smell

Recommend? Maybe

so there you have it :) hope everyone has a great start to the week!

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