Sunday, March 03, 2013

bits & pieces

another fun-filled installment of bit & pieces here for you!

* so as you all may know, i love my 2 cats Annabelle & Fritz. they are kind of adorable and so so sweet. i'm not quite the cat lady yet, but i'm thinking these few items may just put me over the edge: i'm probably going to need this for my car. for some light reading, probably this book and this book. i do get sad leaving my kitties at home, so i keep pictures on my cell phone that would be really safe in this rubberized cover! i'd definitely have to don this fabulous tank top if i had to run errands around town. excellent, think i'm all set!

my cats have done this creepiness to me too.

* while on the topic of cats, here's a HILARIOUS video of a news anchor who simply couldn't keep it together during a news report: Swimming Fat Cat... i honestly couldnt.stop.laughing.

* so this past monday, Jeopardy! contestant and high school teacher, Colby Burnett, won the first round of the Tournament of Champions and celebrated his big win with the "suck it" move. "yeahh beetch...uhh.."

these kids got kicked out of a Korean McDonald's for buying a tremendous amount of french fries. apparently in Korea, large fries have been on discount and students have been throwing "potato parties" and spreading them out amongst a table to share. why did they get kicked out? not only did they delay the orders of other customers, but kids have left large messes for workers to clean up and have disrespected Japanese culture by leaving behind uneaten food. this isn't the first time the Japanese have done something rather silly... does anyone remember the Bagel Head Trend? 

* sometimes, a little color therapy is all i need to feel a little bit better. whether that is coloring my nails, or coloring in a coloring book. aside from all the disney coloring books, i've come across some pretty neat kaleidoscope coloring pages and geometric shapes that you can print off the internet, color in, and hang around your house or give to that someone special ;) haha

* ever since i made the Overnight French Toast Casserole on Christmas Eve, my family has asked me to make this almost every weekend. its kind of delish, give it a try! (i make it sans nuts) bonus? all you have to do is heat it up in the oven in the morning and voila! nom nom.

i'll forever laugh at this hahahaha...

this&that: my current obsession with the mini-series The Following...Annabelle always being near me, even when i blow dry my hair...The Lumineers CD on repeat in my house...setting my alarm 10 minutes earlier in order to get to work at a decent time...enjoying some books by Steve Martin, given to me by a thoughtful friend...

& here's my darlin' annabelle as i snap some pics for the blog.

hope you have a great start to the week!!

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