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Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused Light & Hourglass No. 28 Serum Primer

hello lovelies! 

so i am here to review some of my february favorites!! Hourglass has become one of my absolute favorite makeup brands and i have recently been drawn to their new products especially. but believe me, i will be making a effort to collect a few of their staple items that have been around for years. their products are top-notch and their packaging is sleek and well-made. i adore them. 

so let's start my Hourglass venture with two products that i recently ordered from Sephora, both purchased after much deliberation and research on the blog-o-sphere. let's see how they faired!

first up is the Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused, $45.00, my most lusted after product of the spring season! released February 6, the Ambient Lighting line consists of universal finishing powders that are meant to recreate different types of flattering light. according to the Hourglass website, "Each powder captures, diffuses, and softens surrounding light with groundbreaking photo luminescent technology." From a pale, cool translucent Ethereal, to a Radiant golden bronze, its easy to find one that will work for you :)

i chose Diffused after much research of which color would work best for my skin tone. here is the breakdown from the official Hourglass website of each individual color: 

Diffused Light A soft, warm, pale yellow powder. Light your skin with DIFFUSED LIGHT to reduce redness and give skin clarity – like a soft ray of morning light.

Ethereal Light An opalescent sheer, cool white powder. Light your skin with ETHEREAL LIGHT to mimic a moonlit glow – even in broad daylight.

Radiant Light A sun-kissed golden beige powder. Light your skin with RADIANT LIGHT to extend a summer glow, or enhance the overall complexion with believable, subtle, warmth.

Mood Light A soft, sheer lavender pink powder. Light your skin with MOOD LIGHT to mimic the softest most forgiving light and reveal your brightest complexion.

Dim Light A neutral peach beige powder. Light your skin with DIM LIGHT to blur imperfections and highlight a radiant complexion with the perfect balance of warm and cool tones.

Luminous Light A champagne pearl powder. Light your skin with LUMINOUS LIGHT to create a soft, incandescent candlelit glow – day or night.

in order to figure out my ideal powder, since i really wanted to buy at least 4 of these, i consulted with not only some fabulous bloggers (that's you, Christine!) but watched some YouTube videos to see the colors in a more realistic setting. Josh Collier's video review is a great place to really focus on what powder will work best for your skin tone! now let's get to those pictures!

Diffused Light in natural lighting

Diffused swatched on back of hand, not blended; natural lighting

OVERALL: i am happy i purchased the Diffused Light powder, as it seems to settle quite well into my skin. a common misconception of this product tends to be the fact that it really does nothing because you cannot even see it on your skin. however, that is the intention of the product. you do not want to see powderiness or chalkiness on the skin. it seamlessly blends into your skin and just makes it look better. its quite magical. i intend of buying a few more once my bank account stops crying :\  Rating: A

my second Hourglass purchase was a very well-reviewed primer and serum in one called No. 28 Primer Serum, $22. for 10ml, $65. for 30ml. hearing those two words together immediately sucked me in! i tested this puppy out in Sephora and the formula was so silky smooth and it smelled amazingggg. check this out: not only does it hydrate my sooo thirsty winter skin, but its jam packed with nutrients (28 of them!) that is supposed to nurture my skin and prepare it for a seamless makeup look. SOLD.

Hourglass No. 28 Primer Serum, 10ml

OVERALL: Hourglass has done it again. they have taken my heart, and my money, and refuse to give any of it back. so be it. it's also suitable for all skin types and is free of all the nasty fragrances, sulfates, dyes, parabens and happens to be vegan-friendly. Rating: A

both items were a bit on the pricey side, but for the amount of product you get, as well as the amazing item itself, its worth it to me. 

*i always say, instead of spending tons of money on useless makeup at Walmart, buy some nice higher-end products that will work well for your skin and make you look your absolute best. its worth it, gals ;)

check back regularly for more reviews from my february favorites

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