Sunday, March 17, 2013

MAC's Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish Review & Swatch

hi lovies, today i am here to review another MAC product that i have been hoarding since January! it was another item that made my february favorites! as you can tell throughout my blog i have been a fan of MAC cosmetics for a while. unfortunately, their new collections haven't really done it for me, but i am still a fan of their classics and certain types of items. one of those is the mineralized skinfinishes. kinda a big fan. i have a ton of them that i have bought throughout the years. i can't resist how darn pretty they look. see for yourself!!...

back in 2010, Stereo Rose was re-released and sold out in minutes of going online! since its been 3 years, MAC decided to release it again with their Apres Chic Collection and made sure they had a good amount in stock. however, it has recently sold out again! this time, i was able to nab it for myself and man, i'm rather happy i did.  

at $29.00 a pop, it is rather expensive, but you do get 0.32 oz. and believe me, it lasts FOREVER! you don't tend to use a lot because its meant more for a highlight/blush, not for the entire face. since i am uber pale at the moment (i'm talking NW 15), i have been using this in place of blush. as it does lean more coral, i have to use a slightly lighter hand because i don't want to over do it. however, when spring and summer come, it will look a bit more natural on my tanner skin. 

veiled in golden shimmer and peachy pink, MAC's Stereo Rose is surely a unique find. every single one looks different! in fact, some people prefer to go in-store to pick their own mineralized skinfinishes due to how different every single one looks. i didn't, as i noticed most tend to blend out and look the same haha.

swatched on the back of my hand and finger, with flash

OVERALL: a total beauty, i'm glad i picked this up before it sold out. it is a bit too bright for my skin coloring right now, but i imagine i will be using it throughout the spring and summer once i get a bit tanner. although it is marketed as a blush and highlighter, i have been using it lightly in place of my blush. i love MAC's skinfinishes, but they do have downside: wear time. although great pigmentation (as show on my finger), it doesn't seem to last the longest on the skin. i imagine about 4 hours was its wear time. not too great. however, its smooth finish, beautiful color, and great pigment makes it still a great product! 


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