Saturday, March 23, 2013

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the lumineers! ho hey! so i nabbed the lumineers self-titled cd from a very thoughtful friend and have really been loving it. i was just delighted to hear that the two founding members of the band began writing and performing in ramsey, new jersey, not too far from where i live. of course like any wanna-be successful band, they picked up and moved to new york city, found it to be too cut-throat, and moved to denver, colorado. this is when they met Neyla, the female cellist, after posting an ad in the paper.

so get this coolness: two entertainment managers from a record label saw a video the boys and gal posted on youtube of them performing "ho hey" from their apartment. a raw, dark, amateur video and that was that! signed. the rest is history. 

you can check out their original video of the song here: the lumineers - "ho hey" and after, watch the new official video and see how similar they are!

so here is my breakdown of the cd in its entirety:

* currently, it is not a cd that i will play throughout without skipping songs. there are a few that i have to be in the mood to listen to. 
* there are TWO songs that have a certain sound to them; a sound that reminds me so much of a very intimate moment. ya know, it seems like its meant to play during that time.
* one song reminds me so much of a song i've heard before, and i simply can't place it. a song from the 70's.
* i have two current favorites: "stubborn love" and "big parade"

the lumineers just released the new music video for "stubborn love" february 8 and it definitely pulls at your heart strings.... check it out!

i just adore this band and how they make me feel. indie/folk is right up my alley, as it just makes me feel so free and calm. if you love mumford, check these guys out. you won't be disappointed!! now, onto ticketmaster to check their tour dates! :)

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