Monday, February 04, 2013

bits & pieces

so here i am, back again for another bits & pieces post! i feel like i literally just did this! but all is well, because i find things i love all the time! let's begin...

* i currently have been insanely in love with girls who have full on bangs, and part them in the center, a'la Zooey Deschanel and Sienna Miller (circa 2004). Glamour magazine wrote an article about the center-part coming back, check it out here: When Did Center-Parted Bangs Get So Chic? i wish i had the nerve to do such a thing for myself. ugh, so adorbs...

Sienna Miller

Zooey Deschanel

Felicity Jones

* valentine's day is coming up & i have an intense love for nail polish, so i found The Beauty Department's tape glitter heart manicure to be sweet & simple. i will definitely be trying this out come next week :)

* last week's episode of New Girl made my week. not only did Jess and Nick kiss, but everyone was at their prime. i even got a nice dose of Winston to supplement my fear that he was on a dreadful comedic decline. the episode was comprised of awkward singing, Nick's fabulous trench coat, Jess in a bra, and intimate moments all-around. overall, a successful episode; such a good show. in case you missed it, here is the kiss

* did anyone watch Glee last week? well, i am madly in love with Jake and Marley's rendition of Christina Perri's "A Thousand Years." i don't think i truly noticed this song until they sang it. check it out HERE.

  so i may lose you all to this, but we all have guilty pleasures, right? welllllll... mine happens to be the tv show The Bachelor. yeah, i know its corny, its staged, its not real, its dramatic. but i happen to believe in all that mushy romance stuff. plus, its kinda fun to watch and see who he picks and what all the ladies wear. personally, i have a few favorites: Desiree and Lindsay. for now. it just happens to be on tonight, so tune in to ABC @ 8pm! 

things i loved this week...

my renewed love for wise white cheddar popcorn occurred this week • bio oil for keeping my skin from drying up entirely • starting a new John Green book because i love him so much • fresh, clean sheets on my bed • ordering some new spring makeup Annabelle's evening nap on my lap 

that's all for now, talk to you guys soon!

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