Monday, February 11, 2013

bits & pieces

the weather hasn't been cooperating lately, and mother nature granted me a three day weekend off from work and the outside world. snow has taken over, so i was forced to eat lots of food and watch movies all weekend. it was bittersweet. 

so i am back again for my weekly round-up, and i just have to start with last night!

* the Grammys turned out to be a great show with the young generation taking away the largest awards of the evening. Mumford and Sons, Fun., and Gotye wrapped up the most awards! Fun. (my personal favorite) pulled out the win for two awards: Song of the Year and Best New Artist. i have adored these guys ever since first hearing "We Are Young" on the radio. their album is on constant repeat in my car and i even ventured to East Stroudsburg University to see them for a mere $25. in concert just a few months ago. they are great live and pull out a fabulous show full of energy! i adored Nate Ruess' jegging petal pushers last night, the rainshower that fell upon them, and their unique sound. now let's not overshadow any other winners either! Mumford and Sons stole the most prized award of all, Album of the Year. they also pulled away with 5 other awards. i can't help but just adore Marcus Mumford, his silly little quirks, and facial expressions. he is simply adorable. he is that boyfriend that you have that you just want to cuddle all the time and pinch his cute little cheeks. too much? haha but in all reality, Mumford has an amazing sound that i could just listen to all day long. i'm so happy for them to obtain such a great accomplishment! here's some pics from the night :)

* speaking of Mumford & Sons, i first really fell in love with them after seeing a live video of them performing "The Cave" at Bonnaroo 2011. LOVE.

*on saturday night, i had the pleasure of seeing Silver Linings Playbook... and it was fabulous. i felt that there were times in the movie where i thought "why are they acting this way? he/she would think they are crazy!" but then it all made sense, because in the movie bradley cooper and jennifer lawrence were supposed to be crazy. overall, great movie. go check it out!

* Drew Barrymore has come out with a new makeup line. yeah, kinda weird since i never pegged her as the "i'm gonna start a makeup line" type, but she's gone ahead and done it. lucky for me, i happened across it at my local Walmart and spent a solid 15 minutes deciding what i should buy. there was so much i wanted, the packaging was pretty, and luminescent lights make everything sparkle so nice! since my salary doesn't allow for a fortune spent on makeup, i settled with a few items. expect a new blog post with my swatches and reviews coming shortly. for now, check out a little more about it here

...props to kraft mac & cheese for being there for me when i haven't a clue what to eat for dinner...finishing up my taxes...spending the weekend trying out my arsenal of new MAC and Drew Barrymore makeup products...watching the snow fall and admiring its beauty...

well thats all for now, loves!

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