Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Drew Barrymore Flower Collection Haul

as you already know from my bits & pieces post a week back, Drew Barrymore has come out with her own line of makeup! i continued by saying that it was rather odd she would have such a thing. regardless, the LED lighting in the middle of the Walmart makeup aisle was calling my name! with such a pretty display and sparkling new products, i just had to get my hands on them. i narrowed my choices down from, like, 10 products to 5. it was hard. my heart and head wanted different things! nevertheless, i am here to swatch and review my heart away on the 5 products that i have been using the past few days. here we go...

this was my haul!

Flower Nail Lacquer in NP4 Gorgeous Gerbera ($4.98) oddly reminded my of Essie's "Van D'Go" very, very much. i say oddly, because i never expected this polish to be so pigmented. i was hoping for a pale pink that made my nails look pretty and natural. its still pretty, though. it went on okay, but it took 3 coats to make it streak-less and the brush itself was kinda 'eh.' kinda sloppy, kinda cheap. i wouldn't have minded so much if it was a crappy nail polish, but 5 bucks isn't necessarily the cheapest of nail polishes. the fact that its easily dupe-able makes it less appealing. OVERALL: D

Flower BB Cream in BB1 ($12.98) immediately attracted my attention because i have recently been so in love with BB Creams. ever since the summer, i have been drawn to my Garnier BB Cream and threw out the idea of foundation all together. i nabbed this right away without hesitation. it was their palest shade, but mind you, it has warmth in it and never appeared too pale. i used my fingers to apply it, and I LOOKED LIKE A VAMPIRE. it was easily 2 shades too light for my skintone. and color aside, it didn't blend in well with my skin and i had to eventually use a buffing brush to distribute the color. it was very difficult to smooth into the skin. however, i did manage to take a picture of my skin with it on, and it looks nicer than i thought. it settles a little better after sinking into the skin, but regardless of that fact, it still isn't worth it to me. OVERALL: D

Flower Color Play Creme Eyeshadow in Flirty Floret ($7.98) is a cream to powder eyeshadow that caught my eye under the LED lights with its slight golden sparkle. i immediately bought this thinking i'd use it as a crease color, and have yet to do so. i slathered it over the eyelid one day and went out to town, only to come home wondering why i did such a thing. its kinda too dark for an overall eyelid color. i'll try again in the crease. it did wear really well, however, so it was rather decent. i'd like to try other colors! OVERALL: B

swatched on my hand outside during sunset, on right

Flower Kiss Stick Velvet Lip Color in Camelia Charm ($6.98) is a bubbly pink, matte lip color. its almost neon in the container and on the lips, it appears much more subdued. Drew Barrymore's Flower lip color line has two different consistencies. she has the High-Shine Kiss lip colors and the Velvet lip colors. velvet can also be considered a matte color, so i wasn't too surprised that it tugged on the lips when i applied it. as one would assume, it also was drying to my lips, and i exfoliate them every day! its pretty when lightly layered over a slathering of chapstick, but otherwise, its a drying color that i would rather just leave at home. i knew what to expect from a matte lip color, but this is no MAC matte lip color. OVERALL: D

applied lightly on my lips

Flower About Face Foundation with Primer in LF3 ($13.98) was my most anticipated product i bought from this line, next to the BB Cream, because i still am trying to find that HG foundation. unfortunately, this isn't it either. don't get me wrong, it's actually a pretty decent foundation. it has a built-in primer (which made no difference to me, as i always will use a primer anyways), hydrating moisture, soothing Vitamin C and E for anti-aging benefits, and a seamless finish.  its a nice, light foundation that i would consider for daytime, and i found it to blend in nice with my skin. not too bad. i'll keep using it until i get bored with it ;) OVERALL: B

OVERALL THOUGHTS: i was a bit disappointed in some of the items i purchased. i was bummed that the BB Cream just didn't work at all, it blended poorly, i looked like a vampire, and it didn't sink into skin. it just wasn't good. the lipstick was too drying, and the nail polish was easily dupe-able and took 3 coats to even look just okay. the only two products that i would consider a success were the foundation and the cream eyeshadow. i look forward to trying another eyeshadow and will continue using the foundation for work until i get bored with it :p

talk to you all soon!!! 

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