Thursday, February 21, 2013

the five.

i'll randomly be posting a new topic called "the five." its comprised of 5 different pictures, books, facts, or anything that pops into my mind. i'll do a little research and post it here!

i have been having some really weird dreams lately that have been all over the place, so today i'll list ...

5 Amazing Facts About Dreams

1. within 5 minutes of waking, 50% of your dream is gone. within 10 minutes, 90%. when i have a strange dream, i always try to jot it down quickly, before it erases from my mind.

2. men tend to dream more about other men, while women tend to dream equally about men and women. 70% of men's dreams are about other men. (source: Psychologist Jenny Parker of West England University, 2009)

3. every single person that appears in your dreams are people you have seen at least once in your lifetime. you may not remember them, but it could be that random person you saw in Walmart when you were 10. your mind is more powerful than you think.

4. 12% of people, even those who can see in color, dream in black and white. and only in black and white.

5. it is impossible to snore while in a dream. the body is paralyzed while in the REM stage.

(source: Live Science)

maybe some you already knew, but i think these were pretty neat! :)

happy thursday! (its almost the weekendddddddd!)

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