Friday, February 01, 2013


yeah, so i love cats. i love my cats and i love pictures of kittens stuffed into little cups and kittens sleeping on their backs. don't get me wrong, dogs are fabulous. a little golden retriever is still going to roam my future house, but with a kitten in tow. to celebrate my love for these tiny little creatures, here is a weekly round-up of my cat lemmings:


what's better than recreating classic album covers with kittens in place of rock stars? look no further than Alfra Martini's theraflu-induced idea: The Kitten Covers

sooooo this is really hilarious, read the whole thing! Missing Missy

bahahaha wutttt

remember that video i posted "8 signs your cat is actually a dog"? if you liked that, here is another video from the same guy! this time its How to Walk Your Human .....LOVE it :)

hahahaha this is rather funny, some of you may appreciate the humor behind I'm a Stupid Cat!

omg, i love polydactyl kitties.

how can you not enjoy the hilarious throwback video of the Floating Cat???

get down, get down, get down, down, down, down… 
apparently this guy wants everyone to get down.

oh & just thought i'd post a pic of annabelle, my maine coon kitty, who enjoys hanging out with me everywhere i go :)

ermahgosh, is that a bug?!?!

enjoy the weekend!                

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