Friday, February 01, 2013

some tunes to make you think...

over the past few months, i've found myself enjoying some great new music. one particular band that comes to mind is Of Monsters and Men. from Iceland, they immediately captured me with their hit song, "Small Talks."  i nabbed their cd from the library (i know, i'm a nerd) and, although it has taken me a while to appreciate the entire cd, i have fallen madly in love with the song "King and Lionheart." many people have their own interpretations of the song, but i have an entire story played out in my head.

of monsters and men
their debut album, released in 2011

*Lionheart- possessing or displaying courage; able to face and deal with danger or fear without flinching

to help you better understand where my interpretation comes from, here are the lyrics to the song: King and Lionheart. here's what i thought before having even watched the video: i draw up a story with a king and his wife. his wife, however, is just as powerful and just as tough as her husband. their kingdom is being attacked and, yet, she has a level-head to calm him down. she is his lionheart. they are constantly haunted by ghosts and demons, so they decide to leave. they set sail but cannot seem to escape the creatures, knocking and chasing the boat. in fear, they grab hold of one another's hands, vowing never to leave the world without one another. in my mind, they die, hand-in-hand, as one.

now to imagine the story in a more realistic way, think of two lovers whom have always been there for one another. they have been each other's rock; him the king and her as his lionheart. she has taught him how to be strong, how to have faith in himself, and how to stay tough during hardship. she vows to never run away from him and will stay by his side. people will desert them but no matter what comes for them (ghosts, fear, the black sea, creatures) they will conquer them together, side by side.

they recently released a video for the song, which is fabulous. take a looksie here:


...pretty captivating, right? are they siblings...?? does she not make it???????

Of Monsters And Men

fun fact: Nanna, lead vocalist (top row, center) started out as a solo act but then met Raggi (bottom row, far left) and loved the way their voices sounded together, so they started Of Monsters and Men & found the others to complete the group.

not too fun fact: Arni, percussionist/keyboardist and backup vocals, (top row, far left) has recently left the band to obtain a college education.

i love music that makes you think and that can evoke some emotion and feeling. its what makes me not just like a song, but fall in love with it.


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