Thursday, February 07, 2013

its only one week away...♥

february 14th is a mere 7 days from today, so what are you getting your love? no fear, i am here to help with some great ideas for that special someone in your life. whether you have a crush, went on a few dates, or are married with kids, there is something for everyone.


* finding a small, but important, gift for your crush can be harder than if they were your boyfriend or girlfriend. in many cases, you don't know them well enough to know what they would enjoy getting. my rule of thumb? do not spend a lot of money. keep it simple. you don't want to jump the gun on outrageous gifts for someone whom you merely are only crushing on. you want to let them know you care for them, but you don't want to lavish them with gifts and scare them away! some great ideas: a card with a piece of candy or a simple rose


* when you have been dating someone, and only seeing each other, you can amp up the gift giving a little more. but not much. again, we aren't concentrating on money here. some great ideas: a stuffed animal with a card, small gift basket with some of their favorite things, homemade cookies packaged in a cute jar, a book you think might interest them


* when you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, you can consider dishing out a few more bucks on something personal for them. some great ideas: a dozen roses (switch it up by choosing a variety of rose colors, like pink and white), a romantic dinner out somewhere really nice, her favorite wine or champagne to celebrate the night, tickets to a movie or show, a romantic love letter, any sort of jewelry will blow her socks off (this is a good time for a promise ring or a special necklace), lingerie, a specially made coupon book (one massage, cooking dinner, running an errand...)


*when you have both been together for the long haul, you have spent years being unique and creative, so you may be at a loss for ideas. consider tickets to a broadway show, flowers sent to her work, a shaving kit for that special guy, a watch, ray ban sunglasses are really hot right now, his favorite cologne or her favorite fragrance

gift giving tips: 

*pay special attention when your potential or current love talks, that way you may get some great ideas for what they truly want!

*when you are simply crushing or just starting to date someone, keep it reasonable. don't worry about the money.

* personal or handmade gifts are great options. think handmade cards, "25 reasons i love you" list, special letters hidden in the house, your favorite picture of the two of you in a personalized frame... 

some great gifts:

...for the man in your life who loves his beer, the Microbrew Beer Bucket Gift Set is perfect!

...its cold out there, so what man wouldn't want the Beardo Hat to keep him looking manly, and warm?? he will love that you have a sense of humor too :)

... if you are looking for some of the best gifts around (for any holiday), look no further than the fabulous website Red Envelope. you will love the thoughtful and unique ideas, not to mention a terrific website layout to make your experience easier. Personalized Tree Initials Wall Art is the cutest idea ever, the Love Letter Necklace is perfect for proposing or simply telling her how you feel, for the meticulous man in your life Jack Black's First Class Five (not that Jack Black) set is perfect and highly rated, the Personalized Couples Key Dates Wall Art is an adorable idea if you can remember all the key dates in your relationship. *bonus* Red Envelope is currently offering 20% off for all customers. go now!!

... if you are the type of person that simply cannot remember special dates, Thoughtful Guy is a free website that you input a few questions about that special woman in your life, and it generates gift ideas for you, via email, near that special date! are a given, so don't hesitate to search the 'net for some great discounts! GroupOn is running a special right now for $20 you can get $40 worth of Valentine's Day gifts or flowers! but hurry, its bound to sell out soon!

all in all, just love the one you've got. life is too short to not just go ahead and do what you feel in your heart. best wishes for a romantic and loving Valentine's Day!

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