Monday, February 04, 2013

my love for colin kaepernick

soo i'm a bit bummed out that the 49ers didn't pull off the win yesterday. i may not have been a fan of either team, but i spent some time researching both quarterbacks, as well as teammates, and came to my own personal conclusion that i wanted the 49ers. don't get me wrong, its great Joe Flacco got his first Super Bowl win, i just wanted Colin Kaepernick to run away with the win. In case you didn't know the amazing story behind Kaepernick's child hood, he was adopted at a young age, having never known his parents. When asked if he wanted to meet his birth mother, who has been adamantly trying to get in touch with him, he says no, stating, "It's not really a respect thing. It's just -- that's my family. That's's treasonous." He stands firm with the family that raised him. You can read the story here: Colin Kaepernick's Birth Mom 

Colin Kaepernick - San Francisco 49ers

i love underdog stories. and, let's admit it, who doesn't? Kaepernick came out of nowhere, played for the University of Nevada-Reno (not exactly a prime area for NFL stars), has replaced starting quarterback Alex Smith, and has taken the NFL by storm. he has turned a, once defunct, team around and into the Super Bowl. what is even more appealing to him is that he doesn't look quite like a typical NFL quarterback (think Tom Brady or Peyton Manning), with his entire upper body covered in tattoos (see his ink here) and his innate ability to not only throw a bomber for 80 yards, but then run in his own ball for another 40. he does it all; a quarterback who isn't afraid to get dirty. and in my mind, that is what make a true NFL star.

maybe the 49ers didn't win the Super Bowl, but Colin Kaepernick should be proud of what he has accomplished. getting as far as he did, with the help of some great teammates, has made him my favorite new NFL player.

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